In this busy hectic schedules and tiring routine life, sexual desires and pleasures takes a backseat as more time is consumed after finishing deadlines and relevant targets. Although the introduction of cyberspace has brought into our world multifarious ways and means to satisfy physical wants and urges, yet the pressure and work burden doesn’t allow sitting back and trying out the beneficial sex tactics.

Thanks, to the adult entertainment industry who has shown men and women how to stimulate your sexual fantasies and bring alive the inherent desires through the employment of efficient vibrators, jellies, lubricators and various kinds of sex toys which will give you a real time feeling of genuine masturbation or sexual unification. Although a few years back, the use of sex toys especially male sex stimulating devices were considered as a social stigma as men who were unable to arouse climax and ecstasy in their female partners in real were considered as an impotent or men who suffer from physical dysfunctionalities.

Historical Check On Male Sex Devices

You will be quite surprised to know that the origination of male sex toys and gizmos dates back to the earliest Greek era where men seeking for some amusement in their sexual life would use stale bread as “dildos” and “olive oil” as lubricating agent that would provide them a real intimate experience. Not only that during the Church hegemony in England, practices like masturbation, fake banging, intimate encounters etc. were considered to be a taboo that ultimately led young guys hang around with their pillows. It was not until 1904 when inflatable dolls that looked like a living person and which had multiple orifices for men to penetrate deep within came into focus.

Boom In The Sex Toy Market

In this era of digital marketing and advertising one can purchase practically anything and everything through online shopping. Dildos, vibrators, blow-up dolls, creams, penis enhancers, sex stimulating gadgets and lots more are lined up for every men’s final fantasy. The best part about these fantastic male sex toys is that they are very handy, pocket size and durable products which will fulfill your carnal inhibitions in a realistic manner. The crave to purchase more and more “pocket-pussy” devices have led think tanks and multinational giants invent and produce more such quality based sex gadgets that will explode the adult marketing domain and bring out high ROI.


After going through a brief revision on the historical significance and know how’s of male sex toys, a question still hovers around the inquisitive mind—Can artificial vaginas give the same real satisfaction? or Can a male dildo or vibrator replace the original penal power? Well, the answer in this respect will be a “NO” and that too in unanimous vocal as getting excited and feeling pulsated with toys is acceptable sometimes, not in a continuous stream. After all a true, steamy, genuine sexual intercourse is hundred times more thrilling and desirous than using fake dildos and vibrators for satisfying your partners and igniting your dormant desires.